Feel Great from Toe to Top

“If your realised how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet”

Byron Katie


I know I can’t wait.  

But why is a trip to get your hair done just so important? 

Finally even all four Governments agree on something.  Getting them back open is a priority.

But why do we value this small ritual so much?

Simple.  Because it makes us feel good.  And it does so in a number of ways.

The obvious one is that it makes us look good.  When we get rid of unruly, tangled, grey hair, just as the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, we change into the more elegant, graceful and serene version of ourselves.  The image that we need to portray to the world is important to us.  It is our reflection of who we want to be.  Our younger, positive, free-spirited and more playful self.

It is not, as some would have us believe, part of any armour that we need in order to do battle with the world. 

On the contrary.  By looking our best we feel more confident, authentic, empowered and therefore more able to give to others.  We feel better about ourselves going into new or stressful situations.

And it doesn’t matter what gender you are, looking good on the outside, gives you more self belief on the inside.

A trip to get our hair done is not just therapeutic because looking good makes us feel better. Giving ourselves time to spend a few hours where the focus is solely on us, really helps us to recharge and reboot.

But it also gives us an opportunity to offload and put things in perspective. Make no mistake, a great hairdresser or barber, is not just technically talented in cutting and colouring hair. The best are also fantastic counsellors. They listen to your fears, frustrations and woes. They empathise, without judgement, enabling you to get perspective.

But what on earth does this have to do with your feet?

No matter how great your hair looks there is nothing more telling than a pained smile. It is what betrays that all is not well in your world.

Pain in your feet or ankles is reflected in your smile. One of the first things that I notice after a patient has a Total Ankle Replacement, it that the pain has disappeared from their face.

When a painful bunion or hammer toe is corrected, the fact that your foot looks better is an added bonus. One of the most satisfying experiences I have, is seeing the real beauty in a persons face when they have had Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery.

Their pain has gone, they can get back into the shoes they love, and all to often the relief they feel, is because someone has finally understood how distressing foot pain is. They feel valued again.

The hairdresser does the same for your hair. When you arrive at the salon, with your broken ends, grey roots and dishevelled mane tied up in a tight bun, that same pained smile is trying to hide the fact that you are worn down, and often not taking the time to look after yourself.

A new hairstyle, can lift your spirits, give your a positive outlook and make you look and feel better. But if you are suffering from distressing emotional pain, from anxiety or depression, getting an expert who can help with your mental health, and the different treatments and strategies that you can access, is vital.

A visit to the hair salon or the barbershop is also great for your mindest because it is a chance to socialise and catch up with some familiar people, who you know are there to take care of you.

Similarly a pedicure can help your feet to look and feet better, but the constant ache of foot or ankle pain wears you down, and seeing an expert who can advise you on all the different non-surgical and surgical options, is crucial.

It may surprise you that there are a lot of things in common with a Barber and an Orthopaedic Surgeon

In the Middle Ages, it was Barbers who performed surgical procedures. Anaesthetics had not yet been invented and so Barbers (and Butchers) were considered to be the most skilful with a blade, to perform basic surgeries.

These ‘Barber-Surgeons’ advertised their skills with a red and white pole, The colours signified the blood and bandages, with the pole representing the wood to bite down on!

Skill, care and compassion are what the barber and the surgeon have in common.

Where the differ is in the type of service they provide.

  • ELECTIVE SERVICE – This is were you have complete freedom to choose to either have or not have something done. There is no significant consequence to you if you don’t. This is the service that hairdressers and barbers provide. It’s completely up to you when, where and indeed if, you have your hair cut, coloured or styled.
  • PLANNED SERVICE – This is something altogether different. You have a condition, which, when you have exhausted conservative treatment with pads, insoles or splints, needs a procedure to make things better. Nobody ‘chooses’ to have surgery. When the pain and/or deformity gets to the point that it is interfering with what you need or want to do, then once all the pros and cons have been explained to you, you make an informed decision to have an operation to improve your function and quality of life.


There isn’t a pecking order to pain. Your issue is no more or less important to than someone else problem is to them.

You are no more or less an important member or your community than anyone else.

Your contribution to society is no more or less valuable than the next person.

You matter, and the pain stopping you from living your life to the fullest, matters. The fact that Healthcare, globally, has been forced to undergo the greatest revolution in living memory does not make your need any more or less worthy than someone else.


While you may have to wait a little longer to get your hair done, you really shouldn’t have to wait any longer to get your planned surgery.

It is really important the you have access to a team that can ensure that you get back to being you as soon as possible.

I have therefore created a series of bespoke packages to do just that, which is both convenient to you and affordable.

To find out more about the Foot-Doctor Keep on Moving Packages, click below,

Because you really are worth it.

My philosophy is simple.

I believe that you should be able to:-

Stand Up – straight – for your principles – with pride.

Step out – of the shadows – be seen – with confidence.

Run to the Dreams of Your Childhood – with wonder – excitement – positivity and fun!

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