At Foot Doctor our philosophy is to adopt a conservative approach to treatment wherever possible and with the continuing developments within physiotherapy some very impressive results can be achieved. Our Physio team will improve you overall movement and enhance your recovery with tailored exercise and physical activity advice.

One key advantage we have at Foot Doctor clinics is that we collaborate with a range of other healthcare professionals who specialize in foot and ankle conditions and rehabilitation, such as podiatrists and orthotics specialists.

Once your foot pain has been diagnosed our Physio team will use a variety of evidence-based treatments to reduce your pain and increase your function. The cause of foot pain is often attributable to more than one factor and a variety of different treatments, such as ice, massage, strengthening and range of motion exercises, corrective footwear and stretching regimes, may be employed to give you the best outcome.

In collaboration with our podiatrists, our one stop service aims to give you effective relief from issues such as mechanical imbalance, corns and calluses, foot ulcers, tendonitis and recurrent ankle sprain.

For many patients with recurrent foot problems, it is not uncommon to have an ongoing programme of physiotherapy even if that is simply checking in with your physiotherapist once every six months to review your progress.

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From bunion surgery to total ankle replacement
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