Operations Postponed or Cancelled

Non-urgent or elective operation have been postponed or cancelled in the NHS, and the Private sector is soon to follow suit.

There is one reason for this. Coronavirus COVID-19. By cancelling the elective service, this frees up beds and most importantly Anaesthetists and specialist trained nurses and operating department personnel (ODP’s), to look after the most poorly patients.

All other staff play a vital role in supporting this group of patients and healthcare workers at time of great challenge.

Based on information from China, Singapore and now Italy, it appears that the ‘Best Case’ scenario is that it will be a number of months before the NHS gets back to normality. ‘Worst Case’, will be much longer.

Patients are naturally concerned that the don’t now know when their operation will take place. The answer to that will become much clearer over the next 6-12 weeks.

Here are the answers to the top 6 questions patients have about their cancelled operation…

… I was told that the hospital will be in touch with me when they have more information and not to contact them. Is this true?

A. Yes. Each health board or trust has implemented their own policy. Follow the guidance given to you by your health board or trust.

No, please do not contact the hospital at this time for an update on your cancelled elective operation.  The hospital personnel are working tirelessly to implement complex plans to manage both the developing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and strategy for restarting the elective service once the pandemic has passed.

Your hospital will issue update as it becomes clearer when the elective service is likely to be up and running again. Depending on how this pandemic plays out, you may not hear anything else from your hospital for up to 12 weeks.

No. Surgeons from all specialties, have spent the last few weeks going through all of their waiting list to identify patients that need life-saving procedures done now. All of their other patients have been identified and kept on the in-patient waiting list.

No. These are unprecedented times. The clock has effectively been stopped on all non-urgent or emergency surgery.  The waiting time guarantees have essentially been suspended and will be reviewed when the pandemic has passed.

Definitely not. Your GP does not have anything to do with the management of the waiting list or elective surgery. They are also not able to find out any more information for you, than has already been issued to you by your hospital.  Please do not call this extremely precious resource at this time.  They are working flat out to manage patients with symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19

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