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Insured Patients

Similar to home, car or travel insurance, each health insurance company has a number of different policies.  Each policy is different.

You require a Pre-Authorisation Number before each of your consultations.

Your initial consultation usually covers the cost of the consultation and any initial investigations e.g. x-rays, bloods.  Check you policy to see what is covered.

More advanced investigations e.g. Ultrasound, MRI or CT scans may not automatically be covered.  You need to get pre-authorisation from you Insurance provider before you can have these investigations.

At all stages of your management you should check carefully with your insurance company what they will, and won’t cover.

It is  strongly recommend that you check with your insurance company, before having any further investigations or treatments.

You are personally liable for all expenses not covered by your Insurance Provider.

What if I have an excess on my policy?

If you have an excess on your policy, you will be required to make payment by credit card, up to the limit of the excess.  You are required to give your credit card details when booking all appointments. 

What if a procedure is not covered by my policy?

You can still have the procedure, but you will need to pay for the treatment yourself. 

Self-Pay Packages

There are a number of packages available to make managing your finances easier.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Fee Assured

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Treatment package options

For procedures not covered by your health insurance

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