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Spring had sprung, the weather is brighter and lock-downs are lifting.
As we start to ease into seeing each other again, more and more people are embracing the great outdoors.
Tired, stiff feet that have been shut away for months are now starting to walk and run.
For some, who, for whatever reason have not been able to do much exercise over the last few months, your feet are simply not used to this increase in activity.
I am seeing more and more patients with ‘Lock-down Feet’ where they develop pain in the instep of the foot and inside of the ankle.

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Foot Health

My feet are the problem, why do you think I’m a Bag Lady?

You probably have a ‘bag full of insoles’, ordered online multiple types of splints, protectors or devices with the promise of next day delivery and the hope of an instant cure.
You are probably feeling very weary, lethargic and down-beat, and the prospect of ever having a ‘Spring in your Step’ seems a distant happy memory.

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Foot Health

The “Pinball” Patient

The chances are, if you are reading this, the answer is YES.
There are a number of different types of clinicians who can look after your feet. Each is highly skilled in their particular field. As they all specialise in treating feet, there is a natural crossover between them.

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