Best shoes for new walkers

What shoes should I buy for my newly walking child?

Any mums and dads out there know that the less you have to worry about, the better! You have to worry about so much when you are a parent and this increases, even more, when your baby starts walking around! So, this is why we have written this article about the best shoes for new walkers. If you follow the things mentioned in this article, you don’t have to worry about their feet getting sore, just everything else that goes along with a baby walking!

It is very important that your baby gets the right support as they begin to walk, it is important that their shoes help them and don’t hinder or harm them. This is, of course, common sense but some of the shoes on the market today, do not offer this type of support so it is important to know what you are looking for when you buy their first pair of shoes.

Babies learn to walk by gripping the ground with their toes and they also do not need arch support at this stage in their life. This means that at home, it is fine to leave your baby barefoot and let them go crazy and walk until they can’t walk anymore, 8 hours of walking might just tire them out, I highly doubt it though! However, when they are outside on uneven, cold, hot or rocky surfaces, then you should pop shoes on their feet to protect them.

So, which shoes are the best for protecting their feet? Well, there are plenty of good options out there but here are some important tips to remember when out shoe shopping for the first time:

1. Your baby’s shoes should be made of mesh or leather. This allows their feet to breathe comfortably which is very important for everyone, not just babies.

2. Their shoes should also be lightweight and flexible. This is crucial because it means the shoes are going to support their natural foot movement, i.e. make it easier for them to walk.

3. Their shoes should also have rubber soles. This is fairly obvious but it is to prevent from slipping and sliding around, basically, it makes it easier for them to walk without falling over.

Following the tips above will mean that your baby’s first pair of shoes will be the very best for them to start walking in. they will be able to go anywhere and do anything. Just remember, your baby’s shoes should always help them and never hinder them. As soon as they start walking, they are going to want to walk everywhere and so they need shoes that will allow them to do just that. There is a bunch of shoes on the market that can help them out with their first walking adventures. There are many styles to choose from so they can look as cool as anyone else on the street.

We hope that these tips have given you some help and advice when it comes to buying your baby’s first shoes. We wish you all the success in the world keeping up with them!

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