Best Shoes For Crossfit For Women

Before to get to our list for the best shoes for CrossFit for women, we thought that we would talk about why it is so important to invest in the right pair of shoes. As Crossfit becomes more and more popular, more and more women are taking to the gym to get fit by using CrossFit as their exercise regime. Crossfit is a great workout for almost every inch of your body, but with so many people moving towards it from other exercise regimes, it is crucial that you use the right equipment for the job. If you have injuries, weaknesses and inflexibilities from other workouts, you are going to need the right pair of shoes to tackle the challenging workouts that you are going to be doing while at the gym. Each of these injuries, inflexibilities and weaknesses differ from woman to woman and so this isn’t just a one shoe suits all situation when it comes to CrossFit, there are many different shoes and some might do more damage to you than good.

Finding the right shoes for you and your injuries might not be easy, but it is worth it. If you can find the right shoes that feel comfortable and support you during your workout, you can workout for longer and get fitter, without the need to take time off because of recurring injuries and feeling weak.

The list below has been compiled to give you some examples of the shoes designed for CrossFit on the market. Before you go out and buy a pair, we urge you to take stock of your weaknesses, injuries and inflexibilities and then try on a few pairs, see how they feel and if they support you in the ways you need them to. Doing all of this will mean that you get a great workout that is safe and won’t lead to injury down the road.

The best CrossFit shoes for women

Reebok Nano 2.0

Stable, comfortable and great for weightlifting. The 2.0’s contour very well to the foot, the only cons of this shoe are that they are not as protective as some of the others on this list and they have a wider toe box.

Reebok Sprint 2.0

Great for running longer distances because they are comfortable and breathable, but they lack the support for heavy lifting tasks.

Nike Metcon 1

The Metcon’s offer great protection while lifting, they are extremely comfortable, supportive and are perhaps the most versatile shoe on the list, however, they are not great for the longer runs.

Inov-8 Lite 195

Comfortable, breathable and well suited for a variety of CrossFit tasks, but they lack the support for heavy lifting.

Reebok Nano 5.0

They are more breathable and have a narrower toe box than previous versions, however, they are not very supportive when it comes to heavy lifting and the kevlar infused mesh on the side makes them slippery for rope climbs.

We hope you have found this list of women’s CrossFit shoes helpful in your search for the best. Remember, try on a few pair to find out which suit you and your previous injuries the best, otherwise we may be seeing you in a professional capacity soon!

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