Best Shoes for Bad Knees

Having a problem with your knees can mean that you are in pain for most of the day. This pain can become worse while you are walking or running and is almost always present when the weather is cold. Just trying to go about your normal daily life can be a struggle with bad knees; so we decided it was about time that we made a list all about the best shoes to wear if you have bad knees.

The list below is made up of shoes for men and women that can help with a variety of conditions that can give you bad knees. Conditions like osteoarthritis require medication and rehabilitation, but wearing the right shoes can go a long way in decreasing the pressure on your knees and giving you some relief from the pain.

Before we get to our list, it is important to remember that our needs differ. A shoe that is very comfortable for someone else may give you even more pain in your knees. There are a lot of different parts of your knee that may be affected by the condition that you have and so you need to find a shoe that will help offload the pressure of the affected parts of your knee. Trying on a few different pairs of the shoes on this list may help, but it is also worth going to a shoe shop that knows their stuff and taking their recommendations on board too.

With that in mind, let’s explore the best shoes for bad knees.

New Balance

New Balance makes some of the most popular running and walking shoes in the world and so they know a lot about making comfortable shoes. The 800 series is the most recommended to knee pain suffers because of supportive cushioning and other great technology built in.

Asics GEL

Another popular walkers and runners shoes, the GEL series from Asics was launched in the 80s and since then has this shoe has been paving the way with new technology that makes them one of the very best shoes for people suffering from knee pain.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

These shoes are a very affordable alternative to custom orthotics shoes. One poplar style is the flip-flops, perfect for holidays or even a walk in the countryside on a summers day.

Nike Air

For the knee pain suffer that would like to add some style to their feet. Although these may not come straight to mind when you are looking for shoes for knee pain, they have an abundance of comfort while having a massive array of colours and styles to choose from.


Clarks were the creators of the worlds first comfortable shoe back in the 60s and they have really kept to their guns. The Wallabee was their first shoe designed for comfort and is still as popular as ever, but there are now other styles on the market for walkers and runners. Clarks offer a whole range of shoes from trainers to dress shoes; you can find a style to suit any occasion and stay pain-free at the same time.

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