What Are Metatarsal Pads?

These pads are designed to help stop the pain from a variety of foot conditions. They are scientifically designed to help return different areas of your feet to their normal position. Irregular foot positions are one of the highest causes of foot pain in the UK. This irregular positioning can occur in any part of your foot, including; the metatarsals, the arches of your feet, your toes and the ball of your foot. By using metatarsal pads in your shoes, you can straighten and realign everything and most importantly, stop the pain that you are in.

The most common cause of the pain mentioned above is wearing ill-fitting footwear or footwear with a pronounce heel elevation, toe taper or toe-spring. Over many years of wearing these types of shoes, they can deform your feet and cause a large amount of discomfort. They can also cause a lot of quite serious foot conditions which can then lead to back, knee and hip complications.

Of course, you do need to see a podiatrist to find out what is causing you the pain in your feet, failing to do so and continuing with treatment can result in further complications. But if you have already seen a podiatrist about your condition and they have recommended that you try metatarsal pads, the information about them below should help you understand what is available.

A sizing guide for metatarsal pads (some manufacturers may vary)

  • Small – women’s 5-7
  • Medium – women’s 8-10
  • Large – Men’s 7-10
  • Extra Large Men’s 11-15

The brands with the best metatarsal pads

It’s difficult to know which metatarsal pads are going to suit you without trying a few. However, some brands make exceptional pads in all manner of designs. When trying out a metatarsal pad, it is crucial that it is comfortable to wear all day, it doesn’t cause any more pain and that it is treating the condition that you have. Regular check-ups with your podiatrist can confirm whether they are working or not, and if they think you may need to try another pad, they will recommend another type.

Some brands the make excellent metatarsal pads are:

  • GelX – they have a huge variety of metatarsal pads so are great if you are unsure which type will work for you
  • Tulis – makes a one size fits all cushion which is great if you are unsure of the size you need or just want to give a pad a try to see if it will help
  • Softmoves– they make an adhesive ball of the foot pad that may help if you take your shoes off a lot during the day.

Finding the right pads for you and your daily life isn’t easy, but hopefully looking into these brands can help you. If you’re uncertain of where to even start, do speak with your foot doctor, they are there to help.

If you would like help with diagnosing the condition that is affecting your feet and getting the treatment that you need, please get in touch with us. Our podiatrists are more than happy to help in any way they can to get you back on your feet.

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