Top tips for happy, healthy feet


With your feet taking up all of your body weight most of the day, it is important that you understand how to take care of them. A lot of the tips below are just common sense, but you may have never thought of them before. Each of the tips below are also designed to be easy to do no matter how busy your life is! There is no need to make a new routine in the morning or evening, carry on with your normal routine and add some foot health in there as well!

1. Wash your feet.

When you have your daily shower, give your feet a wash, just with some soap and water, no need to soak them or anything like that as that will get rid of your skins oils. Doing this will keep them clean, get rid of anything nasty on them and also help keep the smelly foot demons from your door.

2. Dry your feet.

After tip number 1, or any time your feet get wet, dry them thoroughly. You need to get into all the cracks and crevasses, including between the toes. Drying your feet is going to help you stop fungal infections, like athlete’s foot and also conditions like trench foot.

3. Cut your toenails, carefully!

You should be trimming your toenails regularly, using proper nail clippers. However, a good tip is to cut your toenails straight across. Never cut them on an angle or at the edges as this can cause ingrown toenails.

4. Moisturise and file your dry skin.

If you get dry skin on your feet, you should apply moisturising cream all over your foot, apart from between your toes. You should also remove the hard skin with a foot file or pumice stone. You shouldn’t over do this however as the skin will grow back harder and tougher than ever!

5. Change your socks.

You should change your socks regularly as this will help you reduce your risk of smelly feet. Changing them at least everyday will really help you out if you follow the other tips in this foot health guide.

6. Afternoon shoe shopping.

When shoe shopping, go in the afternoon. Your feet tend to swell as the day goes on so shopping in the afternoon will mean that your shoes will fit all day long.

7. Shoe tips for work.

If you have to wear high heeled shoes at work then we recommend wearing comfortable shoes to and from work. Also, vary the height of your high heels from day to day so that your feet do not become accustom to one height.

8. Limited time only, high heeled shoes.

Wear high heeled shoes and pointed toed shoes for a limited time only, perhaps only for special occasions. Also, wear the right shoes for the right job, no running on tarmac in football boots!

9. Watch out for bugs!

In communal changing rooms, watch out for bacteria and things. Try to where flip flops wherever possible. This will help you avoid catching verrucas and athlete’s foot.

10. Watch out for flip flops!

Be careful how much time you spend in flip flops. We know this tip disagrees with the one above but hear us out. Wearing flip flops too much may give you heel or arch pain because they do not provide the support that our feet need.

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