Top of Foot Pain and the London Marathon

Are you attending the 2016 London Marathon this year? Marveling at the runners, the other spectators, the sponsor’s clever advertisements, the expo, and all the rest should be your priority, top of foot pain should not!

Attending such an event causes concern of how to best protect your feet from foot pain especially top of the foot pain.

You want to be comfortable all day and on into the night after the event. You can easily protect your feet by making a few very important decisions about the shoes you choose to wear, how you wear your shoes, the posture you stand in while watching the marathon, and the amount of hours you choose to stand-up in relation to opportunities to sit down during the day of the marathon.

Top of Foot Pain

Whether you are squeezing to the front to find a great spot to see your loved one running the race or just blending into the crowd to watch all the excitement go by, you could experience top of foot pain.

Pain can start as just a minor annoyance –  pain that you can tolerate – but the pain can also get worse as the day goes on. What you don’t want is to run into a situation where your foot or feet hurt so much you have to go home.

The top of your foot can become tender to the touch. Irritation can easily occur when attending a standing event for a long period of time. You may experience stiffness and difficulty walking.

Cause of Pain on Top of Foot

Taking a look at the causes of foot pain can help to better understand top of foot pain.

Inflammation is one of the symptoms of top of foot pain and inflammation can be part of the cause.

If your shoes are too tight then as fluids build up in your feet from standing too much you’ll suffer from inflammation.

Wearing tennis shoes, walking shoes, or other shoes that lace-up can help cause pain in the top of the foot. If shoes laces are tied too tight then when natural swelling occurs in the foot over the period of the day, pain will occur.

Solutions for Pain on Top of the Foot

There are simple solutions for minor foot pain while attending such events as the London Marathon.

Prevention is key and there are a few quick solutions to help ease the pain. There are five very simple things to do to stop pain on top of the foot.

First, loosen the laces on your shoes.

Second, as often as possible find a place to sit and sit down for at least twenty minutes. Prop your feet up and allow for any swelling to subside.

Third, move your toes around, rotate the ankle around in a clockwise motion, and then counter clockwise to allow blood to flow throughout the foot.

Fourth, it is also important to stand correctly, balancing you weight.  Try not to wear unbalanced bags like one-strap satchels.

Finally, moving around (rather than standing in place for hours) inspires blood flow and can help keep inflammation down.

Preventing the Pain on Top of the Foot

Before you even get to the event there are a few precautions you can take.

First and foremost is wearing the right shoe for your particular foot. You want to wear a shoe that has a little room so the normal swelling of the feet that occurs while standing for a long time will not cause you pain.

A tennis shoe or walking shoe with laces, low heel and proper cushioning is ideal for an event such as the London Marathon.

Watching the London Marathon 2016 is an exciting day. You do not want top of foot pain to stop you from enjoying a great event. By preparing beforehand for swelling and other possible problems, you can ensure that you will have the best time.

When your feet hurt, you can feel miserable and your time at an event can be ruined but there is no need when you take a few precautions beforehand. You want to focus on the marathon and not the top of your feet.

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