Side Of The Foot Pain

There are a lot of reasons for pain on the side of the foot. Finding the underlying cause of the pain should be the first step for your doctor in the management of your symptoms and to help treat your pain.


Here are just a few of the conditions that cause side of the foot pain.  The symptoms of these ailments can be very similar, and without the correct diagnosis, your condition may not get better.  Before you begin any treatment, it is recommended that you have the diagnosis confirmed by a doctor.


Conditions that can cause side of the foot pain.


Stress Fractures

A stress fracture is a tiny breaks in a bone that can occur with repetitive sporting activities. The area of the pain will depend on which bone has the break. The pain from a stress fracture is often mild to begin wit, but can get more severe. Along with the pain you may notice swelling, which is worse when you are active.


Peroneal Tendonitis 

This causes pain on the outside of the foot, ankle and heel. It can occur when repetitive tension is put on the tendons, causing  irritation, swelling and degeneration. Long distance running, muscle imbalance or abnormal foot position can all be responsible. The pain from this condition generally comes on slowly and gradually increases over months.


Cuboid Syndrome

A less common cause of pain in the side of the foot, cuboid syndrome is frequently misdiagnosed as an ankle sprain  Pain and other symptoms may be present for a long time. You may notice some redness, swelling and the area being tender to the touch. If you have been suffering from pain in the foot and ankle from a sprained ankle for over three months, you should be checked for cuboid syndrome.


These are just a few of the more common conditions that can cause side of the foot pain. There are a number of other conditions.

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