Pain in your big toe, what does it mean?

We all get pain in our feet, it is something that effects the young and old alike. The pain can be from many different things such as poor fitting shoes or an accident. As there are so many causes to the pain you may be feeling in your big toe, we won’t be able to cover them all in this article. We can however, give you an overview and tell you about the common causes. You might then be able to see where your pain is coming from and seek help from your GP.

Common causes of the pain in your big toe

Pain in your big toe is basically due to injury to any of the structures that make up your toe. These structures include: nerves, skin, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels. As you can imagine, there are a lot of common causes for this pain. Pain in your toe is a fairly common injury due to our feet being exposed to injury by running, walking and other athletic feats.

Some types of common big toe pain can come with warmth, burning, numbness or other feelings. The most common causes of big toe pain include; cuts, bunions, scrapes, blisters, calluses, corns, arthritis, infections, gout and more.

Obviously, with so many causes it can be really hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing the pain in your toe. If you have had an accident recently then it may be a more clear issue, like a fracture, but it can be quite hard to tell just by looking at your big toe what is causing the issue.

What you should do about pain in your big toe

So, with all the causes and all the possible areas the pain can be coming from in in your big toe, what should you do? The only thing that we can truly recommend that will work is to go to your GP. They will be able to have a look at your toe and recommend a plan of action.

There are over-the-counter products that you can use for some of the common types of pain but without finding the cause of the pain, it may just keep returning or never leave in the first place. So, basically the only thing we can recommend is going directly to the podiatrist or to your GP, who may refer you to a podiatrist if they think it will help.

We know that this is probably not the answer that you were seeking from this article but it is the only answer that we can provide. As there are so many causes and so many issues related to the pain in your big toe, the doctors are really the only people that can get to the bottom of your issues for you.

We hope that this article has given you some information that can help you with your pain. If you do have pain in your big toe then do go to your GP, they should be able to get the ball rolling and help you with the pain. Please explore our website further for more information on this topic and many more.

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