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One of the biggest concerns for patients with foot pain is the waiting time for treatment through the NHS.

The NHS can be subject to long waiting lists for certain procedures and treatments.

This can mean that patients may have to wait several months before receiving treatment for their foot pain.

Private healthcare providers offer more immediate access to treatment, with shorter waiting times and more flexibility in scheduling appointments.

This can be especially beneficial for patients who need urgent treatment for their foot pain.

These are the most common questions patients are currently asking:-

Yes. I am registered as a Fee Assured Consultant with all the major health insurance companies.  My team will help guide you through the process of using your health insurance provider to have your consultation and treatment with me.

No. Surgeons from all specialties, have spent a significant amount of time reviewing their waiting list to identify patients that need life-saving procedures that cannot wait.

All of their other patients have been identified and kept on the in-patient waiting list.

No.  You can come for a Consultation in the Private Sector to find out about your treatment options, waits for surgery and cost, without needing to come off the NHS waiting list.
You should let your NHS Consultant know as soon as you have your procedure so the can remove you from the list at that stage.

No.  If your are paying for your consultation or treatment yourself I can see you without a referral from you GP. 

Some Health Insurance Companies require that you do have a GP referral.  I am fee assured with the Insurance Companies - just ask your GP to address the referral to 'Professor Roslyn Miller' as a 'named referral' and it will come through to me.

Preferred Provider for Insurance Companies 

Fee Assured for peace of mind 

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