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What has changed with this Lockdown?

The beginning of the year brought new strains of COVID-19. 

2021 has also brought vaccines.  The immunisation of the nation means that although social distancing will continue for foreseeable future our most vulnerable loved ones are getting protected.  Tentative plans for lifting the lockdown are underway.

The NHS struggled over winter with both the virus and the cold snap.

The difficult decision to postpone or cancel many non-emergency and non-urgent operations was take in order to again protect the NHS.

Unfortunately, certain specialities, especially Orthopaedics, have seen a significant rise in patient experience additional significant delays to their management.

As a patient,  naturally you are concerned that you don’t now know when your operation will take place. This may become clearer in the next 6-12 weeks. 

What is known is that waiting time in the NHS have risen exponentially and the Private Sector has also seen a significant increase in demand due to the NHS needing to borrow some of its capacity.

With this lockdown, the Private Sector has remained open.  Capacity for Private Operations remains reduced as a substantial proportion of theatre time has been given to the NHS to help ease pressures on Urgent Cancer Surgery, delayed as a result of the last lockdown.

These are the most common questions patients are currently asking:-
Yes. However some surgeons have chosen to reduce or stop their clinics and operations at this time. I am available in all the locations I work in the Private Sector, for Virtual Consultations and can arrange your investigations. In Scotland I am also able to see you in person, when appropriate. In London, if you need to be seen in person, I work with a network of clinicians and can co-ordinate your on-going management or transfer of care.

Yes.  The Private Sector Hospitals and Clinics operate strict 'Green' Pathways.  All patients coming in the the facility are screened. 

All patients being admitted for a scheduled procedure in theatre has to follow strict social distancing and isolation rules, and are tested for COVID-19 before admission.

Yes. I am registered as a Fee Assured Consultant with all the major health insurance companies.  My team will help guide you through the process of using your health insurance provider to have your consultation and treatment with me.

No.  It is going to take some months before everyone has had their vaccine.  Until then, social distancing measures and tier restrictions will continue.  

To ensure that you are able to get your procedure when is convenient to you, this requires more time for planning than previously.  

By having a your consultation sooner, this will ensure that conservative can be optimised and give you more flexibility to plan for a procedure should it become necessary. 

Yes. There are an increasing number of people who are transferring to the Private Sector because they are worried about going into the NHS.  The NHS remains dedicated to delivering healthcare for all.  The majority of hospitals have segregated services into 'Red' or CVOID and 'Green' or COVID-FREE pathways, where patients have been tested and confirmed negative.  There are also 'Amber' pathways, where patients are asymptomatic, awaiting test results.  All the Private Facilities where I work, have remained 'Green' COVID-FREE' facilities.

No. Surgeons from all specialties, have spent a significant amount of time reviewing their waiting list to identify patients that need life-saving procedures that cannot wait.

All of their other patients have been identified and kept on the in-patient waiting list.

Possibly.  Many of the Private Sector Hospitals in the UK have offered to help the NHS with some of the most urgent patients, such as cancer operations.  This means that there is a reduction in the availability of theatre time for Private procedures. 

Private Hospitals are working closely with Surgeons to try to ensure patients procedures are performed as soon as possible.  However this is being done based on clinical priority.

My team are here to guide you through what will happen next.

No.  If your are paying for your consultation or treatment yourself I can see you without a referral from you GP.  Some Health Insurance Companies require that you do have a GP referral.  I am fee assured with the Insurance Companies - just ask your GP to address the referral to 'Professor Roslyn Miller' as a 'named referral' and it will come through to me.

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Fee Assured for peace of mind 

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