Best shoes for working out

Best shoes for working out

With the rise of working out recently, it has come to our attention that not everyone who is working out nowadays knows the best shoes for working out. This is, of course, a big problem as not wearing the right shoes for the type of workout that you are doing, can result in injuries which will mean you will have to sit at home for awhile and not workout. We have already covered a lot of different workout shoes in another post and so today, we thought that we would focus on one of the most popular forms of exercise at the moment, CrossFit.

CrossFit is very popular because it gives you an all over body workout, it is exhausting and fun all at the same time, yet you have to have the right shoes for the job. There is so much going on in the world of CrossFit that you may not think there are many shoes available that work with every aspect of it, however, there are and we have compiled a list of them which you can find below.

Although these shoes are designed to be perfect for CrossFit, you may find that they work very well for other workouts as well. As we said above, CrossFit encompasses many different exercises like weight lifting, sprinting and jumping, so this list might still be beneficial to you even if you don’t do CrossFit.

Before we get to the list, it is important that you remember that we are all different. Some of the shoes below may not work for you as it all depends on the shape of your feet and your level of fitness. It is important that you try a few pairs on to see which shoe best works for you, it is worth taking the time to explore your options so that you get the perfect shoes for your feet.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s get onto the best shoes for CrossFit and other workouts.

CrossFit shoes need a lot of different things to be good for the exercises that you are doing, which is why they might be good for other workouts too. They need to be very stable for lifting, secure enough for jumping and provide cushion and comfort while you are sprinting. These attributes can all be found in the 5 shoes below.

  1. The Puma Bioweb Elite – enough support for lifting and all the other workouts you want to do in the gym.
  2.  Inov-8 F-Lite 232 – prevents slips and spills while keeping you grounded and secure.
  3.  Rebook CrossFit Lifter – designed with CrossFit in mind, perfect for all of your CrossFitting needs.
  4. New Balance Minimus 20v3 – provides excellent support for lifting, comfortable for running in and can support you while you are jumping.
  5. Merrell Hammer Glove – these are minimal yet pack the punches that you need for comfort and support in all areas of your workout.

We hope this list has helped you choose your next pair of workout shoes. Please take a look at the other article about workout shoes on our blog before you leave.

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