Best Shoes for Walking

If you love walking or hiking but aren’t looking forward to putting on your hot and heavy hiking boots you may want try walking shoes.

Walking shoes can offer the same durability, shock absorptions and breathability as hiking boots but tend to be lighter and generally more comfortable. Many walking shoes also offer the same amount of waterproofing and grip as hiking boots. So, you can be extremely comfortable and safe in even the wettest or muddiest conditions.

The main difference between walking shoes and hiking boots, is they do not offer the same ankle protection. Hiking boots are excellent at protecting your ankles from sprains while walking.  If you are prone to twisting, rolling or going over your ankles then hiking boots are probably a better option.

If these are your first pair of walking shoes, consider trying a middle of the range pair. This will provide you with an idea of the benefits of walking shoes without breaking the bank. You should try them on before you buy them.  This will help you avoid some walk stopping blisters on your next hiking trip.

So, with that out of the way, here is our list of the best walking shoes available right now.


Our top 4 walking shoes for men and women

Karrimor Men’s Bodmin Low IV Weathertite

£19.38 — £55.64

Rugged as they come, comfortable and extremely good value for money. Lightweight, breathable and offer all of the reinforcements you might need on the trail.

Northwest Territory Ladies Keller Weatherproof Lightweight Memory Foam Lined Lace UP Comfort Walking Shoe

£27.99 — £39.95

Lightweight, waterproof and extremely comfortable thanks to the memory foam lining. These are perfect for anyone who is looking for excellent walking shoes. Great for long walks with the dogs.

Hi-Tec Men’s V Walk-Lite Witton Trek Waterproof Low-Rise Hiking Boots

£44.99 — £94.84

Comfort and style rolled into one extremely good-looking shoe. Durable yet stylish, these shoes are perfect for walking in the hills and then having a spot of food in the country pub later on. Waterproof, durable, but slightly more robust.

Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Low Rise Hiking Boots

£54.99 — £158.15

Look and stay cool with these lightweight, breathable and durable walking shoes. They are excellent on the trails thanks their amazing grip.


If you are having problems with your feet and ankles when walking or hiking you may have an undiagnosed problem.

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