Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia, otherwise known as ball of foot pain, is a very painful condition which can lead to the inflammation of the ball of your foot. This is going to make it very painful to walk and so it’s important to find ways to address the pain and live your life as normally as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can help yourself if you have metatarsalgia. One of these ways is finding some comfortable shoes to wear during the day. Of course, because the condition swells the foot, a comfortable shoe isn’t always easy to find, but fingers crossed, the list below will help you when you are looking for a pair of shoes to help you with your pain.

When you are shopping for new shoes, we urge you to try on more than one pair. There are plenty of shoes available to people that have conditions such as metatarsalgia and plenty of styles. By trying more than one pair on before choosing a pair, it will give you an idea of the shoes available and the comfort each shoe can bring. As our feet are all very different, what works for someone else, may not work for you. Do take recommendations on board, but always do your own research into the best shoes for your metatarsalgia as well.

The best shoes for metatarsalgia

Skechers Shapes ups – men and women

A comfortable trainer designed for everyday use. They are perfect if you need a comfortable and informal shoe for work as they provide a lot of support and comfort. These are a great shoe if you are on your feet all day in a factory or shop setting.

Joya Cruiser (men) Drew Fiesta (women)

A dress shoe that provides the comfort and support that you need to help reduce the pain of metatarsalgia. They are designed with metatarsalgia in mind and are perfect for people that suffer from the condition that work in an office environment. Just because you have to dress smart, does not mean you have to be in pain.

Aetrex RX (men) Xspress (women)

The perfect walking shoe for men and women with metatarsalgia. If walking is your passion and you would like to be comfortable and pain-free while doing it, this is the shoe for you. It is also just a great shoe to walk around in all day without the pain from metatarsalgia.

Shoes are not the only thing that can help you with your metatarsalgia; there are also insoles that you can buy and other orthopaedic support available. If you think that these types of supports will benefit you more than the shoes on this list, please ask your foot doctor for their recommendations as to which ones you should buy, this will allow you to reap all of the benefits of the support and relieve as much of your pain as possible. To find out more about metatarsalgia, please take a look at the other articles on our blog. We have many articles on here that go into detail about metatarsalgia that might be of use to you.

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