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Pain In The Heel Of Your Foot

Pain in the heel is a common foot problem here in the UK. The pain can start off fairly mild but get worse gradually. When the pain gets very severe, it can even be too much for you to put any weight on your heel at all. In most cases, only one heel is responsible

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Plantar Fasciitis Stretches

On Monday, we discussed the condition of plantar fasciitis, its causes and symptoms. If you haven’t already, please take a look at that article before reading this one as it gives an insight into how one might get the condition in the first place and how it feels. Monday’s article was designed to help you

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I Have Pain In The Ball Of My Foot

One possible cause of pain in the ball of your foot is metatarsalgia, which is what we would like to discuss today. There’s a lot of conditions that can affect the ball of your foot, but metatarsalgia is a very common one here in the UK. If you suspect that your condition is different to

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Do I Have Foot Warts?

Virtually everyone in the world will have a wart at some point in their life, that’s not to say that we will get them on our feet because you can get a wart just about anywhere. The warts that we are going to focus on today are sometimes called plantar warts because they typically appear

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I Have A Pain In The Arch Of My Foot

This week’s articles are going to focus on the bottom of the foot and the pain that can be felt in this area. We will be focusing closely on the arch as many people in the UK have a condition that can give them a pain in the arch of their foot. If you think

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Bottom Of Foot Pain

Pain in the bottom of your foot can be a very debilitating thing; it can leave you feeling very low and unable to work or continue with daily activities and hobbies. There are many reasons that you might get pain in the bottom of your foot, below we are going to explore five of these

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Parts Of The Foot

The human foot is a complex mechanical structure designed for strength. It needs this strength to help us walk, run and jump all while being our very own shock absorber. The foot can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure (results suggest this pressure can amount to a couple of tonnes over the course of a

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Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

There are a lot of foot conditions that can be improved by wearing the right pair of shoes. And most foot conditions can be made a lot worse by wearing ill-fitting footwear. In fact, even if you have just got a brand new pair of shoes, if they do not work with the foot condition

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Why do I have pain in my foot?

Pain in the foot can leave you feeling really low. It can stop any daily activity and put an end to any hobbies that you enjoy. It is our job to find the cause of this pain and then recommend the best treatment for you. Our aim with providing this service is to get you

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