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Your feet take you to work and back. Drive you to that critical business meeting. Pick up the kids, do the shopping. For relaxation, they like to play golf, football and tennis. They love to run, hike and dance.

At the end of the day, when you finally put them up, they will let you know just how busy you’ve been.

Only when they are sore or injured will you discover just how important they really are.

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A bump on the side of the big toe. Can cause swelling, redness, and difficulty with shoes. May cause pain.

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Big Toe Arthritis

Wear and tear of big toe joint cartilage. May cause stiffness, pain, difficulty running, or unable to wear heels.

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Lesser toes / Forefoot

Dull or shooting pain in the ball of the foot. Morton’s Neuroma. Bent, stiff, curly or hammer toes. Corns and callus.

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Heel Pain

Burning, painful heel. Can be bad first thing in the morning or after prolonged standing.

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Achilles Tendon Problems

The large tendon behind the ankle, attaching the calf muscle to the heel. It can swell, be painful , stiff or rupture.

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Ankle Injuries

Ankle Sprain
Ankle Instability
OLT’s (Osteochondral Lesions of Talus)

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