Every Woman Wants to Wear Heels

At the Lomond Foot and Ankle Clinic we understand that every woman, regardless of age, would love to wear high heels most of the time.

Unfortunately, feet swell throughout the day and the constant pressure on the ball of the foot makes them uncomfortable.

The confortable high heel doesn’t yet exist. Until it does here are a few suggesetions that can help to keep you more comfortable.

Change the point of the shoe
A slightly more rounded point, or asymetric point on your shoe can take pressure off the toes. Consider wearing a more rounded shoe to work.

Not all flats are the same
Think about the style and what the shoe is made from. Some harder leathers will cause rubbing and be more constricting as the day goes on. A ballet pump style shoe, where there is not a tight band is better if your feet are prone to swelling

A change is good as a rest
Copy the airline hostess and New York Businesswoman. Glamour for when your on show, comfort for when your not.

Change the heel height and width
A slightly lower, braoder heel significantly reduces the pressure through the front of the foot.

If you are going to be on your feet all day you could think about a different heel type.