Total Ankle Replacement

End Stage Ankle Arthritis can be extremely debilitating for patients, and because you get pain with every step you take, can really get patients down.

It tends to be the result of trauma, and so tends to affect younger patients. This means it can have a real impact on your job, your recreation and your life.

Ankle arthritis is not as common as hip and knee arthritis. The ankle is also a much smaller and more complex joint. For this reason, initial ankle replacements were ok but not great.

The third generation ankle replacements are a real step forward. The have better jigs, allowing better alignmtent and thus a better result for the paitent.

In the right patient, the results are very good, allowing them to mobilise straight away, removing the pain and letting them get back to a more decent quality of life.

The ‘Inbone II Total Ankle Replacement’ gives the surgeon a greater ability to both correct deformity (often present with ankle arthritis) and replace the joint, at the same time.