At The Lomond Foot and Ankle Clinc, we believe that joints should move. By attempting to preserve the big toe joint, the rest of your foot biomechanics work more normally.

Joint preserving surgery usually means a quicker recovery as you are encourgaed to get the joint moving straight away.

Therefore if you develop wear and tear changes, or even full blown arthritis in the big toe, we employ a range of surgeries to keep the toe moving.

Early wear and tear – Painful bump, joint good

For early changes where the main problem is a painful bump on the top of the toe that causes symptoms of impingement when you go on tip toe, Minimally Invasive Surgery, using a small stab incision and special shaver, will remove the bump, the pain and allow immediate range of motion.

Early wear and tear – Part of joint worn

When the joint surface itself gets damaged and starts to wear out shaving the bump alone may not be sufficient. By removing the bump, stimulating new scar cartilage (microfracture) and using some fatty tissue, the joint is protected for a period of time whilst maintaining motion.

Arthritis – Joint surface worn out

At this stage there are two choices, fusing the joint, which is the traditional gold standard, or repalacing half of the joint with a ‘Hemicap’ joint replacement. This replaces the head of the metatarsal – which is the more common side for arthritis to affect the joint.
Early active range of motion is encouraged.

Using this stepwise approach, joint fusion is reserved for the rare salvage proceedures