The top of my feet hurt

On average, a person will stand for about 5 hours per day and take around 10,000 steps, that puts a lot of stress on your feet, as I am sure you can imagine. Although our feet are perfectly designed to hold our weight when we are standing, walking, jumping or running, there is a limit to what they can do. When this limit is reached, you may begin to get a bit of pain and discomfort in areas of your foot.

Now, there are plenty of conditions that can cause this pain, especially pain in the top of your foot. Which one you have will depend on the other symptoms you have as well as where exactly the pain is located on the top of your foot. When you see your local GP or foot specialist about the pain in the top of your foot, it is best to be as descriptive as you can, this will allow them to pinpoint the area and offer you treatment to resolve the issue. With that in mind, here are some symptoms to look out for when it comes to pain in the top of your feet.

The symptoms

Firstly, there is the pain itself, however, this may not be all you are experiencing, although it can be the most noticeable symptom, it is important to look beyond the pain and see what other symptoms you can see.

Other symptoms that might be present include:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Warmth at the site of the pain
  • Tenderness in the foot
  • Difficulty walking or standing
  • Pain that worsens when you stand or walk, this may decrease when you rest

Most people with top of the foot pain will also have one, two or more of the symptoms mentioned above. The symptoms above can be caused by many conditions, as you can see from the list below.

The most common causes of top of the foot pain

As we mentioned above, the list of common causes for top of the foot pain is a long one. Each of the conditions mentioned below could be causing your pain and so it is important that you seek medical advice for your pain before you begin any treatment of the pain.

Common causes of pain in the top of your foot include:

  • Medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Bone spurs
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Stress fractures
  • Improper footwear
  • Tendonitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Ageing
  • Ganglion cysts
  • Sprain or strain
  • Hammer toe
  • Ingrown toenail

Some of the treatments for the conditions are very simple, it may only take a few days of wearing different shoes to solve the problems of your pain. Other conditions can take longer to solve and some can not be solved at all. Before you begin any treatment for the pain in the top of your foot, consult with a professional foot doctor, they will be able to locate the area of the pain and find out what is causing it, from there, they will be able to recommend the best treatment for your condition.

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