Heel Spur

A Heel Spur is an abnormal deposit of calcium in the bone of the heel leading to the formation of an abnormally protruding bone segment which may be as much as half an inch long. The bone enlargement is mostly painless but in few cases it might be painful and rapid management is necessary to relieve the patient’s misery.

Heel Spur is one of the major causes of plantar fasciitis which is the pain in plantar fascia due to injury sustained on the hands of trauma either mechanical or due to over exertion.

Heel spurs can be located beneath the heel, behind the heel or sometimes beneath the foot. If it is posterior to the foot, it may involve the Achilles tendon leading to inflammation of this tendon further worsening the situation. People with unusually high foot arches are also prone to developing heel spur.

Risk Factors:

1. Walking Gait can be the cause if it is different from the normal gait and involves an uneven distribution of weight leading to over exertion and subsequent trauma which leads to bone deposition.
2. Excessive weight is another contributing factor because obesity leads to more stress on the heels and as result more and more bone deposition begins.
3. Jogging or excessive running may also stimulate calcium deposition.

Minor Risk Factors:

 Advancing age may contribute to abnormal osteogenesis.
 Spending most of the time on one’s feet due to professional demands.
 Flat foot individuals are more prone.
 Diabetes Mellitus is also a risk factor.

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