Pes Equinus

Equinus, is where the foot points down and the Achilles Tendon, is often tight.

Most commonly this is as a result of a childhood condition, but it can be associated with trauma or a neuorlogical condition.

There are two important aspects of treatment.

1. Diagnosis: if you don’t already know why your foot takes up this position, it is probably wise to get investigated to find out why.  It may be that you have a problem with the nerves.

2. Management of symptoms: Often getting footwear is difficult, particularly for men, who wear flat shoes. This is one occasion where high heels actually help the patient.

A good orthotist can make an assessment of your leg, checking how tight the Achilles tendon is and also assessing if you have an difference in the length of your two legs, which you might not be aware of.

Sometimes surgery is indicated to make it easier for the insoles to work.  This may be a short proceedure, e.g. lengthening the Achilles tendon.