Peroneal Tendons

The peroneal tendons are on the outside of the ankle, sitting behind the fibula, the smaller bone of the ankle joint.

Theses tendons help to turn the foot out and you use them to keep your balance on  uneven surfaces.

You can damage them if you twist your ankle in a certain way.


The peroneal tendons can become inflammed, or suffer splits in the tendon.  Very occasionally they can become completely torn.

Resting the tendon and protecting it with appropriate insoles can allow the tendon time to recover.  A good biomechanics podiatrist and physiotherapist can help.

Very occasionally surgery is required


As the tendons pass behind the ankle joint, they are held in place by a tough tissue called the retinaculum.  If this gets torn, then the tendons are free to move from behind the ankle to infront of it.  This can be painful.

Surgery is usually required to repair the retinaculum and keep the tendons in the correct place.