Midfoot Pain

One of the most common causes of midfoot pain is a problem with one of the tendons, the tibialis posterior tendon, as it comes from the inside of the ankle to it’s point of attachment in the arch of the midfoot.

Initially if the tendon is not functioning correctly, you can experience pain in the arch of the foot.  As the condition progressess, the arch itself can begin to collapse.

Supporting the arch early on with a brace that can fit inside a shoe, can give the tendon enough time to recover its function.  If the tendon does not recover and deformity occurs, an operation may be required.

Midfoot pain can also occur after trauma.  Often these injuries can be missed because the injury, although caused by significant force, can have very subtle signs on x-rays.

Damage to the midfoot bones and ligaments can cause midfoot arthritis. Supporting the foot at an early stage, can help to reduce the chance of arthritis.

If arthritis develops, often and insole can help.  Occasionally surgery is required.