Diabetic Feet

Note: If you are diabetic you MUST get your feet screened regularly by a diabetic podiatrist.

Please contact your GP to be referred for diabetic foot screening.

Diabetes is a conditions that affects the whole body.  When the nerves get affected in the feet, you loose the protection that sensation gives you.  This means that you may not realise that you have a hard bit of skin rubbing on your shoe, or even may not notice if you stand on something sharp, like a tack or nail.

Diabetes also affects the blood vessles, which means that the circulation is not as good.  This means that if you do develop an ulcer on the foot, it may not heal because there is not enough blood flowing to the tissues to allow the to heal.

Failure to control diabetes and not taking care of feet, especially when combined with smoking can result in AMPUTATION.

Four things that you can do to help your feet:

  1. Check your feet daily.  You MUST check the soles of your feet with a mirror daily to make sure you have not developed any sores.
  2. You should get enrolled in a Diabetic Foot Screening Programme, with Specialist Diabetic Podiatrist.
  3. Keep your blood sugars under control