Corns and Calluses

Healthy feet that are looked after shouldn’t cause you problems.

If you get hard skin on the top of the toes (corns) or on the balls of the feet (calluses) this means that there is too much pressure at that part of the foot.

The pressure can come from outside – your footwear, or inside – the position of the bones.

A good poditrist should be able to relieve the pressure by removing the hard skin and using pads to off load the area to prevent the hard skin recurring.  That, combined with a modification of your footwear should prevent the corns and calluses returning.

Only very rarely do they need surgery.  If required this can often be performed by Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

NOTE.  If you are diabetic you MUST get your feet screened regularly by a diabetic podiatrist.

Please contact your GP to be referred for diabetic foot screening.