Bone Bruising of Ankle

Bones, just like soft tissues can get bruised. The most common site is in the knee. The ankle joint can also get bone bruising.

It is most common after an ‘ankle sprain’. Ususally an MRI scan is required to make the diagnosis and to monitor recovery.

Unlike the knee, the ankle bone bruise can take a long time to recover – soemtimes up to a year. This can be difficult for the elite sportsperson.

The key to getting a quicker recovery is specialised physiotherapy, to allow you to keep the ankle joint moving and your general fitness up, whilst preventing load going through the ankle joint, which will prolong your recovery.

There are new treatments that have been developed to try to speed up recovery from bone bruising. Some of them have good evidence, but are still in the early stages of development.

If there is an associated injury to the cartilage, an osteochondral defect (OCD) you may require keyhole surgery