For some people, they have always had ‘flat feet’, for others they can develop it, usually in middle age.

If they are not causing you any discomfort or pain, then you probably don’t need to do too much about them. If, however they are sore, then it is probably worth getting thing check out. For most people, a correctly fitting insole is all that is required.

There are two types of flat feet, supple and stiff. The type you have, dictates the most appropriate treatment for you.

Supple Foot
An insole to ‘correct’ the postition of the foot often relieves the pain.

Stiff Foot
An insole that ‘accomodates’ the shape of the foot may work better.

A few patients may require surgery. The type of surgery also depends on what type of painful flat foot you have.

Supple Foot; no arthritis
A soft tissue procedure that concentrates on the tendons, may be sufficient.

Stiff Foot; or arthritis
A fusion of two or three of the joints of the foot may be needed.