Pain In The Heel Of The Foot

Pain In The Heel Of The Foot

The heel is a very important part of the body, it is designed to be able to absorb impact when we walk, run and jump. It can even take our weight when we are on our feet all day. It’s a vital piece of kit engineered over millions of years that we take for granted every day. Well, every day until we feel a pain in our heel. Pain in the heel of your foot can affect your life in many ways, mainly not being able to do normal daily stuff without a very painful companion! Today, we’re looking at the heel and some of the conditions that can cause pain in the area. There are a lot of ailments that cause pain in the heel, too many to write about here. Just because it is on this list doesn’t mean you have it, please get your foot checked out by a local podiatrist before starting any treatment, you might make the condition worse if you don’t.

Possible causes of the pain in the heel of your foot

Heel Spurs

A heel spur is a small piece of bone that grows on your heel bone. Typically, they are caused by plantar fasciitis which affects the ligament-like band that runs underneath your foot. As this band gets more and more damaged, the body will try to protect it more and more, one of the ways it does that is by growing an extra piece of bone. The cause of plantar fasciitis can really be anything, walking, running, standing for a long time, changing exercises, being overweight, poor shoe support, suddenly stretching the sole of your foot. It is a very common cause of foot pain.

Heel Bumps

These are hard bumps on the back of your heel; they can affect the way you walk due to the pain. If these are not handled in a timely manner, the difference in your walking can cause further complications with other areas of your body including your back, knees and hips.

Heel Bursitis

Bursitis affects a fluid filled sac called the bursa which is located under the heel bone. This condition is usually caused by falling from a height and landing directly on the heel. The pain from this one is typically more central than the pain from plantar fasciitis and will get worse during the day rather than better.

Other conditions that cause heel pain include:

  • Chronic inflammation of the heel pad
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Severs disease
  • Stress fractures

If you suspect you have one of the conditions mentioned in this article, speak to your podiatrist. A podiatrist can diagnose the condition affecting you and help you get back on your feet quickly. Do not attempt any treatments before seeing a doctor about the pain in your heel, you might make it worse and it may take longer to heal if you do.

If you think that the condition you have isn’t solely in your heel and would like to read about other causes of foot pain, then you can on our blog. We have a massive collection of articles on here all about common foot conditions that affect people in the UK.

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The Pain In The Heel Of The Foot

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