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The Foot Wellness

What is the Foot Wellness Checkup?

  • Dr Ros will spend time taking a detailed medical and foot history, followed by clinical examination.
  • Dr Ros will provide you with a bespoke consultation, tailored to your work and lifestyle needs, centered around foot health, and injury prevention. Imaging of your foot and ankle will be arranged if required.
  • Dr Ros works with the top podiatrists, orthotists, physiotherapists and coaches, to ensure your feet won’t slow you down.

Dr Ros Miller is the First Female Foot and Ankle Surgeon in the Harley Street Area.

She is a fully qualified Orthopaedic Surgeon with Specialist Registration with the General Medical Council.

She is a Consultant with more than five years standing, specialising solely in conditions affecting the Foot and Ankle.

Dr Ros Miller has an International reputation for Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle.

Working Feet

For many people, putting their best foot forward is vital to their work.

Whether you’re the Principal Dancer of the Ballet, City Trader, Airline Cabin Crew, Business Executive, Lawyer or Head-teacher, if your occupation requires for you to be on your feet most of the day, keeping them healthy is important.

Painful feet can be a distraction, just at the point in your day that you need to perform to your best ability

  • HIGH FLYERS Whether you are a frequent Business Traveller, a Pilot or Cabin Crew, if you spend a large portion of your working life off the ground, the time standing and changes in cabin pressure can take their toll on you feet.
  • SUPER SERVICE Concierges, Chefs, Caterers, Event Organisers, and Wedding Planners, all spend long hours on their feet making others feel special. Your feet however may not feel so fantastic.
  • THE PROFESSIONAL Barristers & Lawyers, Dentists & Opticians, Doctors & Veterinary Surgeons, City Traders & Stockbrokers and of course our Military Personnel, cannot afford to be distracted by sore feet at the most critical point in a case or procedure. 
  • CARERS AND EDUCATORS Nurses, Pharmacists, Care Workers, Physiotherapists, Teachers, Lectures and Professors all dedicate their lives to helping others. Long hours standing and unpredictable days all take their toll on your feet.
working-feet Foot Wellness

Working Feet

  • Dr. Ros knows the importance of your feet for your work.
  • Dr. Ros will identify existing problems as well as potential future issues based upon your work
  • Get preventative advice to make sure foot problems never keep you from your work

Fun Feet

fun-feet Foot Wellness

Fun Feet

  • Keep your feet and ankles in tip-top shape for the activities you most enjoy
  • Dr. Ros can identify and treat sports related injuries to keep you in the game
  • Sport and activity kit and shoe advice for top performance

From a round of golf or game of tennis, Royal Ascot and the ‘Six Nations Rugby’, to London Fashion Week or your favourite Charity Ball, your feet work hard and often play harder.

They have to perform at their very best for you and fit in to a wide variety of different types of shoe.

Uncomfortable feet can interfere with both you performance and enjoyment of the vey thing you love doing most.

Wedding Feet

The Big Day has arrived. After all the months of planning, themost important moment in your life and you want to savior everysingle moment.

Walking up the aisle, from your first dance to the last dance, you are going to have the time of your life.

Make sure your feet do too and have a much fun as you do and you remember your Wedding Day for all the right reasons.

wedding-feet Foot Wellness

Wedding Feet

  • Bridal party foot and shoe-wear advice to keep everyone on their feet on your special
  • Mother of the bride shoe and foot preparation

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